Friday, February 26, 2016


Last weekend we had some errands to run.  The list for the store was growing.  Random stuff. 


As we walk in the store, Walt Kowalski heads right to the garden section.  He's drawn to it.  This weather has been so nice.

Walt Kowalski: "Look a smoker. We can smoke things."
Me: "How much does it cost?"
Walt Kowalski: "Only $34."
Me: "Let's start smoking, baby."

We bought R2D2. 

We came home and immediately got out the screwdrivers to put it together.

It was early in the afternoon, I'll have plenty of time to smoke.  AND I have some chicken thawing in the fridge.

What I didn't plan on was having to "cure" the smoker for 3 hours before the first use.  That added time.  Oil the smoker with vegetable oil, make a cool fire inside.  Oil some more.  Make a hot fire.  THEN I could add the food. 

I soaked the chicken in a brine in the meantime. (Next time I need a marinade.)
Finally, I got the chicken on, added the apple chips to the coals, added the water pan, put the lid on and waited. 

The electrician said that I might need several tires before I got it just right. 


We ate chicken at 9pm, but it was delicious apple smoked chicken.  I was planning broccoli and potatoes too, but the chicken was so good we didn't want anything else.

I added some dry seasonings as it was cooking.  Yummy.  I can't wait to find more recipes for marinades and dry rubs.  AND it's supposed to be nice again this weekend. 

(Nice dish rag and sponge in the background. )

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tea anyone?

The coffee tea cups and sleeves have different pictures on them. 

The first one I had there was a camera on the sleeve.


Then the next day, I realized that not only do the sleeves have pictures, but the cups have decorations, too.

Interesting combination.  I think my cup from the first day had a moustache. 
Day three:
Nice pearls.

Friday, February 12, 2016


That Walt Kowalski is sneaky.  All I said was "I need a shower.  I will make dinner after I wash off this day."

When I got out of the shower...

I am a amazed I didn't smell them before I saw them.  Smelled like spring. 

And salted chocolate covered caramels, and chocolate covered pretzels, and a glass of wine.  He definitely helped wash off a hard day.  And there was a note that said "sharing is nice."

Of course.

Last weekend when we ran into the grocery for "just a minute" and had to elbow our way through the store, I paused to smell the Hyacinths.

He was paying attention.  Roses are pretty, but Hyacinths are pretty AND smell wonderful. 

His surprise gift...bacon brownies.  Brownies, covered in chocolate with a caramelized bacon topping.  Sweet AND salty.  Yes, there is a story behind them.  I'll post more after I make them.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


If you would have told me that last week we were going to be up to our knees in snow and this week it would have been so warm I could hang my clothes out on the line to dry, I would have said "You


Comforter is clean and smells great.  I love free drying.  Thank you Walt Kowalski for the clothes line!  It's high enough for him to walk under and not get "clothes lined" and low enough for me to reach it with a hanger.  Although, the next load I hung out to dry ran out of daylight.  I brought them inside mostly dry.

Walt Kowalski was washing cars. I think we *just* put the hose away.  Luckily, "away" wasn't far in the shed and back out it came. 

Walt Kowalski dressed himself this day.   J Actually, he had a different jacket on and when I came outside I said "What are you wearing? Is that your good jacket?  That's not play clothes." He tried to hide behind the truck and said I'll be careful.  He got a different jacket, but didn't have it on for more than 15 minutes because it was so warm.  No fire needed to keep warm today. 

I have to remind myself that it is still the end of January and February is just starting.  Some of our coldest and snowest days have been in February.  Tell that to my daffodils coming up.