Friday, July 8, 2016

Rain on vacation

Just a little. 

Rain on vacation doesn't bother me.  There is always LOTS to do if it rains, but the thing with rain on vacation, is that it because it's hot, humid, and sunny, a pop-up rain shower in the afternoon is not a surprise.  It is usually quick, passes fast, and produces really cool clouds.

The days are beautiful.

And then, there was a disturbance on the horizon to the North of us. "Uh, oh, Delaware is getting a storm.  The radar says it's moving out to see."  I said. A few minutes later, Walt Kowalski said "I think Delaware isn't the only one going to get a storm.  We'd better gather our things and adjourn to the balcony."  I'm glad we did.  Before we knew it, the rain was upon us.  Nothing severe, just a passing shower.

As we were having our cocktails on the balcony (watching the rest of the people on the beach make a run for it) a beautiful rainbow appeared.

Not just a rainbow, but a double rainbow in a perfect arch over the ocean.

And just as fast as the shower appeared, it disappeared and left us with a beautiful sunset.