Wednesday, May 3, 2017

On with the program

You've miss a LOT.  Ok, you haven't missed it; I have neglected to show you the LOT.  We've had lots of drama and turmoil and blood, sweat, and tears.  Some about the house.  Some not about the house. I won’t go into them here and now.  For now, let’s just show you where we are today.
Remind me to tell you how it took 2 weeks to get the water shut off at the curb. 

To save time and money, we don’t start at one room and work our way around the house, mostly due to cost of and storage of supplies.  Also, because sometimes there is time involved.  Drying time for plaster. Hanging time for drywall. Itchy time for insulation.  More drying time for plaster and tile. Time for grass mowing and tree felling.

So here is what has been going on…

Walls.  We've hung a LOT of them. This is from the living room through the laundry room wall.

Same view from the front entrance to the living room and into the kitchen and the laundry.

Plastering in the master bedroom. I don't have many photos of painting.  That is hard to see and really not that exciting to look at.

 From the kitchen into the living room.

Laundry room floor. More drywall hung.

Insulation time. 

Now jump back and hang some purple drywall in the laundry room. One of the reasons we jump so much is that we have project we work on together and projects we work on individually.  I'm working on plaster, Walt Kowalski is working on cement board on the floor.  We both work on drywall together.

Steps down to the basement.

Walt Kowalski fitting a piece of drywall.  "Quit taking pictures and come hold this."

Insulation done and ceiling drywall in progress.  

Kitchen and nook drywall.

Now jump to the basement to prepare for the electrician.  Walt Kowalski removed some old wood and found nothing.  No insulation no nothing.  So insulation is a must.

But first, plumbing. 

Walt Kowalski loves his copper.  He's so good at it, too.

Then we jumped up to the second floor to work on the floor.  I was finished painting and we were tired of stepping over the boxes of flooring.  (Ok I did buy it 6 months prior because it was such a good deal! So stepping over it for 6 months was a pain.)

Still need baseboards and trim.  Oh and doors.

Then ChainSaw Johnny said he could get us a deal on cabinets.  So we got kitchen cabinets.  We weren't ready for them, but couldn't pass up the offer.

Finished drywall and seams and screws plastered.

Then I arrived one evening to find Walt Kowalski took the carpet off the stairs.  We left it on to protect the stair treads.  Little did we know there was a rubber/plastic stair tread glued to each stair under the padding, under the carpet.  1000 staples later...

More mud in the laundry room.

While Walt chipped away at the glue (and got high from the fumes of remover) I jumped back up to the bathroom to work on tile.

Sand, scrape, sand, scrape.  We just want them smooth so we can patch the holes and paint them clean. 

And that's where we are today.  We're getting close.  We're pooped.  But we're so close to our self-imposed deadline of July. 

We can do it!